The Safe Home Revolution
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The Safe Home Revolution

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From your personal care regimen, to maintaining, and preserving your overall health, our products are enriched with premium grade, and patent-protected Microsilver, Norwegian spruce tree extract, and so many other industry-leading exclusive ingredients. The Safe Home Revolution package will forever change and revolutionize the way you take care of yourself, and your families. It’s a game-changer.

Package includes:
• FERI Microsilver Protection Fluoride-Free Toothpaste
• FERI Microsilver Protection Natural Spray
• FERI Sterling Hand and Body Moisturizer - 200 mL
• POSH Sensual Shampoo + Body Wash
• POSH Sensual Conditioner
• POSH Captive Shampoo + Body Wash
• POSH Captive Conditioner
• Fountain of Life Personal Supply (2 bottles)

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