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Treat constipation Moistening intestines purging tea Bag packaging Fit tea

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One cup a day, let the body also do spa
Is the skin waxy yellow without luster, greasy sweating, pore bulky?
——If so, you need a cup of tea like this.
Product Description

Product source

This product is passed down by ancient recipe and scientific proportion. After 427 trial drinking, it is finally put on the market. All the raw materials we choose are the top raw material producing areas in China. We test the water source and soil to give the best products to customers.
Product Name
Product Main Color
Light green
Quality Guarantee Period
18 Months
Net Content / Specification
3.7 g / BAG * 10 bags
Product Type
Herbal Tea
Storage Method
Place in a cool, 1 bag each time, boiled water for tea, or soup or porridge
Mixed Ingredients
Honeysuckle, semen cassiae, lotus leaf,chrysanthemum,chrysanthemum
Unsuitable Population
Pregnant woman
Box size (L * w * h)
Suitable for drinking people

The skin is waxy yellow and the pores are thick

There are many greasy secretions on the face
One drink a day and stick to the changes after drinking
Product Display

Outer packing box

This product is mainly in the style of the Republic of China. The main colors are green and pink. The design concept is Chinese style.

Inner Bag

Inside independent small bag packing, sanitary and convenient.

Effect picture of tea making

After soaking in water, the color is bright, cool and refreshing.

Soak in 3 minutes, taste quickly, no need to wait

Step 1:
Tear the inner bag into the cup

Step 2:
Infuse hot water for brewing

Step 3:
Wait for 3-5 minutes to drink
Select four ingredients, our ingredients are just right

Lotus Leafe
Guiyang country, Hunan Province. Fresh and fragrant.

semen cassiae
Luoyang city, Henan Province.The grain is full,smooth and fragrant.

Fengqiu city, Henan Province. The buds are green and full

Tongxiang country, Zhejiang Province. The flower taste sweet, and smell as honey.

Through inspection and detection, the quality is trustworthy





Detection of 564 pesticide residues and heavy metals in Europe
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